Contingency or re-baselining, what’s the difference?

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I’ve seen a few projects where customers said they didn’t need contingency, because they decided to adjust the budget as changes happen.

How does this sound to you?

To me, this sounds pretty bad, because there is an important distinction between adjusting the budget based on change requests and consuming the contingency reserve.


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NAV blogosphere in April

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April. There is definitely something upside down with this month. I’ve started it with a somewhat ambitious decision to blog a post a day. And it worked. Kind of. For the first eight days, anyway.

And then it happened. Suddenly I’ve found myself blogging only occasionally, practically chasing my promise to deliver a blog post twice a week. And boy did it feel like delivery, every single time. At first I thought it was about me, but it seems it wasn’t. All of NAV blogosphere was dormant in April.


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