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Yesterday I delivered a presentation about benefits of Sure Step methodology, as a part of an internal partner academy program. The audience was fantastically interactive, and if anyone of you who participated in the event is reading this—thank you!

One of the attendees asked about collaborative use of Sure Step, and whether it is possible to share the Sure Step documents among the team members. I explained that it isn’t, but that there is a third-party SharePoint-based solution which takes Sure Step to a fully collaborative level. I promised to share a link to the webcast which talks about this.

So, here is the link:

Go, click it, and search for Selling with Sure Step – A Roadmap for Success. It’s the webcast delivered last Thursday by Aditya Mohan, Director of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, and Éamonn McGuinness, CEO of BrightWork, company which specializes in collaborative SharePoint project management solutions, which also developed the Sure Step SharePoint solution.

P.S. Thanks to Dejan from Citius for his fabulous tip: share Sure Step documents using Groove. Simplicity rules.

P.P.S. My five cents: share the source folder of the Sure Step project on the network. It’s kind of ugly, but works.


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  1. Dejan

    Hi Vjeko! I enjoyed your lecture on Sure Step, however, I hoped for more demo about how to use the tool than about the theory behind it. But on the other hand, the lecture was for those in the audience, who had not yet been familar with Sure Step or its predecessor On Target. So, yes, the lecture was probably the best mix you could do.
    As for SSM files sharing, I hope that Microsoft will soon make SSM into a server based application. They should also take a look at Google docs how true document sharing could be done!

    1. Vjekoslav Babic

      Dejan: thanks! If I knew more about the audience before the presentation, I’d probably introduce more demos, because now that I got the comments from the post-presentation survey, it seems that a lot of people expected to learn more about the templates and the Sure Step Methodology tool. I’ll ignore the Google docs part of your comment 🙂 I prefer Live Mesh, it is much better than Google docs 🙂

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