What do YOU think of Sure Step?

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I’ve been blogging about Sure Step, talking about Sure Step, learning about Sure Step, teaching Sure Step, evangelizing Sure Step, here on this blog, in online columns, at conferences, presentations, (pre-)sales calls, with partners, with customers, in one-on-one contacts, e-mails, Linked In, Facebook, Squidoo (haven’t tweeted about it yet, but that’s to come).

I believe in Sure Step.

But what I think might not be important at all. I am just an average joe out there voicing his opinion.

What do you think of Sure Step?

Has it worked for you? Has it not?

What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it?


Go ahead, share your thoughts!


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  1. The Student

    The product is just fair when compared to others. The service after the sale is worse than bad.

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