Improving semantics through function properties

Any function that accepts only one parameter can be called as if it were a property, and this applies to built-in system functions, your own custom functions, and even .NET methods alike. Instead of doing it like Report50001.SetDefaultPostingDate(101015D) you can always do it like Report50001.SetDefaultPostingDate := 101015D. Of course you can improve semantics of your code significantly if you simply call the function PostingDate instead of SetDefaultPostingDate, then you can just write Report50001.PostingDate := 101015D;

Remember – this works for all function types, even .NET method calls.

A quick upgrade tip

When testing the upgrade process, it’s a good idea to make a backup after every significant step, such as after importing Step 1 upgrade objects, after completing Step 1, after converting the database, and so on. This way you can always resume from the last meaningful point and save a lot of time, as compared to always running the whole process from the beginning.