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Tip: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 code page validation

image This is bazillionth time that I’ve encountered this issue, so I’ve decided to post a solution to it. If you live in a country which doesn’t have Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 localized version yet, you might have tried installing the W1 (worldwide, English, non-localized) version. Did it work out?

If you install the NAV 2009 W1 version on a system with regional settings not matching the demo database code page (in W1 it’s Latin_1_General_CS_AS) the installation goes smoothly, but the attempt at running the RoleTailored client fails.

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Cookbook user experience, anyone?

image I’ll never forget my first NAV project. I was helping a customer migrate data from their old COBOL-based application, and was spending most of my time with a mid-aged lady who at first fascinated me with her mastery of their old application.

That was until I found out she actually had no clue whatsoever about what she was really doing.

What I perceived as her masterful dexterity with a character-based user interface of a DOS application, in fact was total cluelessness about both her business and her software.

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Where will this blog Navigate in 2009?

image Happy New Year everybody! Are you ready for it?

When I moved this blog to its new domain NavigateIntoSuccess.com I gave you a commitment I intend to observe: there will be a new post here every Monday and every Thursday. Today is Thursday, so let’s rock’n’roll.

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Introducing RoleTailored Experience

In on of my earlier posts here on this blog, where I was merely testing out my theories, I said that user interface is one of the biggest drivers of return on investment: a familiar, easy to navigate, non-cluttered user interface that truly allows you to focus on your work, and not spend too much time meddling with hundreds of options, never being really sure which one to click (okay, I exaggerate, but don’t worry, that’s on purpose)—wouldn’t something like that cut down employee ramp-up time significantly and boost the productivity?

Well, now it’s here, and it’s called the RoleTailored user interface. Or experience, whichever you prefer.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Is Here

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The long awaited Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 has been released for download earlier this week, and has just been publicly announced at Convergence 2008 Copenhagen. If you have PartnerSource access, you can download Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 here.

This one is the most important release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ever, as it brings a completely new architecture, a shiny new user interface, web-services enablement and much more.

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