12 thoughts on “Length of G/L Account Name in NAV 2013”

  1. Thanx for pointing this out, Vjeko (or was it Waldo 😉 ).

    For those who are using local versions where the G/L Account field “No.” was localized to Text 20. This should now have been reverted back to Code 20 (like in W1). I could not check it myself yet (too much time to download a e.g. Spanish beta), but please DYI>
    For some more background: http://dynamicsuser.net/blogs/vanvugt/archive/2010/12/31/g-l-account-as-text-instead-of-code.aspx

  2. Luc, did I miss Waldo talk about this? When, where? If he really did, the least I can do here is point back to his post and give him some credit for noticing this first.

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