NAV blogosphere in April

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April. There is definitely something upside down with this month. I’ve started it with a somewhat ambitious decision to blog a post a day. And it worked. Kind of. For the first eight days, anyway.

And then it happened. Suddenly I’ve found myself blogging only occasionally, practically chasing my promise to deliver a blog post twice a week. And boy did it feel like delivery, every single time. At first I thought it was about me, but it seems it wasn’t. All of NAV blogosphere was dormant in April.


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Tip: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 code page validation

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image This is bazillionth time that I’ve encountered this issue, so I’ve decided to post a solution to it. If you live in a country which doesn’t have Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 localized version yet, you might have tried installing the W1 (worldwide, English, non-localized) version. Did it work out?

If you install the NAV 2009 W1 version on a system with regional settings not matching the demo database code page (in W1 it’s Latin_1_General_CS_AS) the installation goes smoothly, but the attempt at running the RoleTailored client fails.


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What did NAV bloggers say in February?

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image Microsoft Dynamics NAV blogosphere wasn’t particularly active in February. Trust me, I don’t blame anyone for it. February is a slow month.

Economy is down, forests are burning in Australia, planes are crashing in Netherlands. Whatever the reason, NAV bloggers weren’t as active in February, as they were in January.

Still, there were some noteworthy posts, that I’d rather bookmark for the posterity, and if you missed some of them, here is your chance to catch up.


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