Quick Reporting Tip

Use Labels (View > Labels) instead of data columns for captions in your reports.  It's amazing how much you save in terms of data transfer. And your Data Set looks…

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A quick upgrade tip

When testing the upgrade process, it's a good idea to make a backup after every significant step, such as after importing Step 1 upgrade objects, after completing Step 1, after…

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NavigateIntoSuccess.com – Unsafe?

So, if my MVP award wasn’t a prank even though it came on April 1st, I’ve just been struck by a possible bad-taste prank which is a couple of days overdue. I’ve just tried to reply to couple of comments posted here, and Internet Explorer just threw a red-background error page in my face telling me that NavigateIntoSuccess.com has been reported as unsafe. Reported? By whom?

I really don’t know who or why would report my site to Microsoft as unsafe, but I do know what the consequences can be for me: loss of traffic, and loss of reputation. Nice try, whoever did this—because I assure you – NavigateIntoSuccess.com IS safe.


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