What did NAV bloggers blog in January?

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When I started blogging just short of two years ago, there weren’t too many NAV blogs. I don’t bother to go do the count, but I figure there was no more than ten of them. Then it exploded: today, there are about forty.

Keeping track of forty RSS feeds has become a complete nightmare for me, so I decided I’d keep a monthly digest of the most valuable blog posts in the NAV blogosphere, as a reference I can refer back to, later on. If you find it useful as well, even better.


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Not very-well-known NAV blogs

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When I started blogging about Microsoft Dynamics NAV back in 2007 it was because there were not too many blogs on the topic at the time. There were a few notable ones, and that was it. If you wanted to track them all, it was a piece of a cake.

Today, there are hundreds of blogs, more or less frequently updated, sharing a lot of insight, opinions, tips, tricks and stuff. There is no way to keep an eye on a lot of them, and many of them are probably slipping under your radar.


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