Some more thoughts about trampling over $

I am on a spree today. The number of topics I wanted to blog about has accumulated, and I just decided to dump the stuff over here while I both feel the motivation and have time for blogging. However, in this hurry, I forgot to add some important content to my previous post.

First, I forgot to mention that the example of my preserve-jquery script trick can be found in this github repo:

That’s the demo I blogged about earlier today, except this time it has two more branches:

  • Branch “problem”: showcases how a problematic script can break your code.
  • Branch “solution”: showcases how this problem can be fixed by applying the trick from my previous post

Also, there are two JSFiddles I created to follow screenshot-base examples from the post:

I have one more topic to cover today, which has much more to do with JavaScript than control add-ins, but I still find it very relevant. Stay tuned.


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