We don’t wear shoes, we use footwear!

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(A short, almost pointless rant about PMBOK vs. Sure Step nonsense)

Once, while preparing an important RFP response, a partner told me they don’t use Sure Step because they use PMI methodology. This made my toenails curl up—when people tell me they are using PMI methodology, they in fact tell me they are using no methodology at all. It’s simple:

  1. There is no such thing as PMI methodology
  2. Anybody familiar with PMI should know that

Another time a partner told me they preferred PMBOK to Sure Step. Now, while this was a better argument, it was still very much wrong. As if they told me they don’t wear shoes, because they wear footwear.


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Starting it from scratch – do you dare?

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(Three compelling reasons to reshape your business processes, not your software)

Has your computer ever crashed while you were doing something important, causing you to lose all your work? A natural first reaction to this situation is frustration: your work is gone, your effort went in vain, you’ll never do it as well as you did it the first time…

And yet, when initial frustration is gone, and you start doing it over again, from scratch, you are more likely to produce results of higher quality than the first time. Why? The reason for this is simply called—experience.


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Microsoft Dynamics NAV regulatory compliance

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Every so often I get an inquiry about regulatory compliance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. How well does it support IAS requirements? Does it conform to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations? Is it aware of Basel II recommendations?

Instead of explaining it, I’ve prepared this list of resources that you can use to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s compliance to regulatory and international standards.


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