Site down

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NavigateIntoSuccess.comis currently down due to DNS issues with my current domain registrar. I’ve already initiated the transfer to another one, but until the problem is fully resolved and depending on…

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Last month in NAV blogs

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Spring has come. You can tell it. Okay, to be totally honest, nature and weather, at least over here at my place, haven’t done their part (yet), but NAV blogs have for sure made up for that. A lot of dormant blogs have awaken, some have erupted, and there were a lot of good stuff to read from my fellow NAV bloggers in March 2009.


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Convergence EMEA: So long, and thanks for all the fish

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Microsoft Dynamics Convergence All good things come to an end, and that’s exactly what seems to have happened with Convergence EMEA, the key Microsoft Dynamics conference in Europe. The news has hit hard with me; I’ve only attended it once, and now that it was to come so close to my hometown, it’s been cancelled.


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Sure Step Spring 2009 release

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Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology Microsoft’s Sure Step team has been pretty busy recently. They have just published the new update to Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology, which includes several important new features and many content updates worth your attention.

I’ve just downloaded and installed it and I am impressed with the improvements.


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March 2009: Sure Step, Agile and Dinosaurs

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Another one’s down, so let me give it a quick glance over my shoulder before I move on: March 2009.

This was the best month ever for this blog: it has seen most posts from me, most visits from you, most subscribers to the feed, and I’ve covered a wide range of topics which I am not yet sure if it has got me or lost me more visitors.


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