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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

Although I really planned, and I really wanted to, I don’t think I am going to post anything useful in next few days. I spent last week in Seattle, attending TechReady conference, and now I am taking three days off – in Las Vegas.

As the matter of fact, I’ve just arrived, have a semi-splendid view of The Strip from my hotel room, which has much more drawbacks than benefits, so when I give it a proper thought, with all this noise, music and jet engines blowing my ears away, I’m probably going to stay awake and produce something anyway. But I promise nothing.

Thanks to everybody on recent comments, I am glad that this blog started rolling, and I hope I make it worthwile for you. Dave was actually the only one who attempted the quiz from the last post, and since he was almost correct, I give him full credit in this post, but withhold the bragging rights. So, congratulations, Dave! 🙂

Stay tuned, for the next thing I am going to post might be really interesting for the NAV development community. See ya!