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Stratus receives the WinDays ISV Award

windays11Today, at Microsoft WinDays11 conference, Stratus, the web client for Microsoft Dynamics NAV that I announced here nearly a month ago, has received the ISV Award from Microsoft, being ranked #1 as the solution with highest value for small businesses. Thanks to everyone who participated in the selection process, you made a smart decision, and you know it Smile

As much as it was difficult for me to keep this award stuff secret over the past week that I’ve been officially notified by Microsoft as having been selected as the winner, it is equally difficult for me to announce two other big news, which I’ll just have to keep secret until Wednesday.

A lot of you have asked me about Stratus over the past month, and I know that I missed the deadline I announced for opening Stratus for general public testing on March 31, but I’ll offer a plausible excuse: the things developed much quicker than expected and my company has started negotiations with some true hot-shot companies about marketing and deploying this solution. Unfortunately, due to this, we had to postpone the plans, and push the release date a bit forward, but I’m sure this won’t be much. A couple of weeks, at most.

If you here, in Rovinj, don’t miss my presentation on Wednesday at 10:10AM, it’ll be around cloud opportunities with NAV and Stratus will be a part of the talk. But I won’t just talk the talk, I’ll also walk the walk, so you’ll be able to see Stratus in action, deployed in the Cloud. I’m looking forward to delivering it and seeing you there!

Learn About Web Services at WinDays 10

WinDays is here again. Year over year, it’s hard to come to terms with the time and how quickly it’s passing by. (Or is it just me getting old, and preferring to ignore that fact?)

Anyway, this year is the tenth anniversary of the first WinDays, and the only one I ever attended as a tourist. This year the conference is split into two events: WinDays technology and WinDays business. Technology part is for geeks, Business is for suits and ties. Even though my personal interests have shifted slightly from geek towards suits and ties, I’ve again nominated a presentation (and got a speaker’s slot at the conference) in the technology part of it. Once a geek, always a geek 🙂

This year I’m speaking about Web Services in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. It might seem no news for many of you, but in my country NAV 2009 has not yet even been localized, and with the localized release coming soon there could not have been better timing for this presentation. I’m going to show the potential and simplicity of web services, and again try to convince people that ERP as we know it is slowly dying, and is soon to be replaced by an even uglier beast.

See you in Rovinj!