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Sure Step in action: business process change

Service Providers (or colloquially partners) often refrain from undertaking organization or process changes during implementation projects of Microsoft Dynamics solutions. And it comes as no surprise: there are many risks related to it, and customizations are taken as a more traditional approach.

Customizations are easy to predict, they do come at risk, but at least the risks are known and often easily managed entirely within service provider’s organization and reach, while organizational change is unpredictable, and often exceeds consultants’ knowledge, experience and expertise.

However, with or without intention or consent, organizational change will always happen. No solution has ever been 100% fit, and since the customer must do their business with the solution, the remainder from fit to 100% will always and without exception be satisfied with an unmanaged, unintentional, but evolutionary process change.

Instead of leaving it all to chance, Sure Step offers much better ways.

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Liquidity, Cost Accounting and Kitting

It’s hardly any news for the lucky 21 countries which have had them by default for about two years, but for other 18 which haven’t, there is an alarmingly low awareness about three interesting NAV functionalities: Liquidity, Cost Accounting and Kitting.

These three have been named Local Functionality, which means they are a part of a localized version in some of the countries. For other countries, this functionality is not available by default, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be licensed or implemented for customers in other countries as well.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functionality Catalog

image One of the major tasks I decided to undertake here on this blog in 2009 was to create a comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functionality Catalog.

When you are making a decision to implement any large scale business management or ERP system, it can take dozens of presentations to learn about the functionality, and you might still have a number of questions lingering in the air unanswered. With this functionality catalog I hope to help you deciding on implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV by explaining in detail most important application features, so you can easily get the picture of system out-of-the-box capabilities.

The first round of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functionality Catalog has been written, giving you basic overview of application areas of Microsoft Dynamics NAV from business processes functionality perspective. It’s going to grow, so do drop by. You can visit the catalog by following this link.