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Standard enemy

The biggest jeopardies often lurk where we least expect them. When implementing an ERP system such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, what should be one of our best allies, turns out to be our mortal enemy. It has a simple name: The Standard. Standard processes, standard functionality, standard documents, standard system. All these gizmos can turn into gremlins in a blink of an unattentive eye.

Standards are tricky. If during due dilligence, or diagnostic or analysis phase, we hear the prospect or customer utter the word “standard”, what do we instinctively do? Well, in a standard system, it’s pretty obvious what the standard is, and when the customer says that they “just have standard processes” it means that these processes are just covered with such a standard system, right? So we instinctively tend to skip the more detailed analysis of these, because after all, they are standard.

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Flying Dynamics

Do you want to fly Dynamics? A friend of mine has just done so, and he took a handful of pictures as well. It seems that Adria Airways, a (or the, I am not really sure) Slovenian airline, has entered into some kind of deal with Microsoft, and are now promoting Microsoft Dynamics brand on their aircraft. My friend, also a Dynamics consultant, couldn’t resist taking a few pictures, and with his permission, I give you a preview of what you can expect if you fly into, or out of Slovenia these days.

To the best of my knowledge, Adria Airways has recently implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and seems to have entered the full operation phase with it. What kind of message does it send? I can think of this one: “With Microsoft Dynamics, sky is the limit!”

You can find the pictures here:

Picture 1
Picture 2

Goodspeed, Adria Airways!