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Statical Prism – a simple, but practical C/AL code analyzer

Yesterday, thanks to @sforkmann and his blog at navision-blog.de, I have learned of the existence of Statical Prism. I’ve given it a try today, and I am pretty happy – that was just the tool I needed.

I won’t give a complete overview of it here, I’ll just explain that it’s a tool that reads your text object file, and then allows you to analyze the objects and the code, and to find object usages (where used).

It’s greatest advantage is that it is extremely fast – it has loaded a heavily customized 9K+ object solution in under half a minute and provided me with capability to search for object usages – quite a useful thing, badly missing from C/SIDE (Development Environment).

I’ve immediately fallen in love with this tool, and I am surprised that it has been around for more than a year, and I haven’t seen it yet. Shame on me!