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Statical Prism – a simple, but practical C/AL code analyzer

Yesterday, thanks to @sforkmann and his blog at navision-blog.de, I have learned of the existence of Statical Prism. I’ve given it a try today, and I am pretty happy – that was just the tool I needed.

I won’t give a complete overview of it here, I’ll just explain that it’s a tool that reads your text object file, and then allows you to analyze the objects and the code, and to find object usages (where used).

It’s greatest advantage is that it is extremely fast – it has loaded a heavily customized 9K+ object solution in under half a minute and provided me with capability to search for object usages – quite a useful thing, badly missing from C/SIDE (Development Environment).

I’ve immediately fallen in love with this tool, and I am surprised that it has been around for more than a year, and I haven’t seen it yet. Shame on me!

Was it necessary to kill the Classic client?


The world needs to move ahead. The technology advances. Who doesn’t want to keep up with the progress, stays behind. That’s how it has worked since the dawn of civilization.

I can’t know the exact reasons why Microsoft has decided to stop support for the Classic client with NAV “7”, but I can offer my view and position on why I believe this was absolutely necessary.

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Death of Classic (C/SIDE) Client

tomb_guardYesterday, during a coffee break at the What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Technical for Application Consultants training in Vilnius, Lithuania (a fabulous place, by the way), a discussion arose around the destiny of the Classic (or C/SIDE) client in NAV. Some participants stated that “it’s never going to go away” because “Microsoft would not dare shutting it down”.

Unfortunately, it is going away, and quickly. Maybe it wasn’t too obvious at first, because Microsoft never actually said explicitly that “Classic client is going to be discontinued”, but if you read the latest Statement of Direction for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it’s there.

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Printing NAV reports in different languages

Last week I delivered the C/SIDE Development course for partner community in Zagreb. As always, questions abound afterwards. Today, I’ve got a question from an attendee: “What’s the best way to print a report in multiple languages?”.

Up front: this is NOT a technical post. It IS about technical solution, but it is primarily about design, usability, standards and best practices. I’ll plain ignore the fact that it does use a few C/SIDE or C/AL references, so please, do likewise 😉

(I said this because I kind of swore not to C/AL around this blog anymore, but again – sometimes I just have to do it.)

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Version management

When I posted my last relevant post on this blog, I’ve got a comment from infonote (a visitor) how bad it was that Microsoft Dynamics NAV can’t use a versioning system. Well, as the matter of fact, it can.

One of the nice things in NAV is that at any given moment, the development environment is just a Shift+F12 away. When you are a single developer on your team or on a project, this keypress is your best friend. But if there are other people on your team pressing it with an agenda, then this keypress might as well be a combination made in hell.

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