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Adriatics Community Launched

Thanks you all, who participated in yesterday’s Microsoft Dynamics Community Adriatics launch event in Zagreb. I’m sorry that Live Meeting equipment could not be set-up in the Microsoft’s big conference room, but I was promised that in the future maybe something could be done. I hope it doesn’t mean moving to a smaller room where the equipment is already installed, because I prefer more in-person audience. In any case, I would like repeating this launch in the region, and I’ll use this blog to let you know about it.

In my opinion, the launch was a success, there were more participants than I expected, and definitely more than registered.

[Post was updated on October 8th, to include more links and downloads]

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Adriatics Dynamics Community

mbscommzgIt’s the second “me too” today. Waldo has started the day with announcing the new season of the Belgian Dynamics Community, which was me-too-ed by Marq announcing the Dutch Dynamics Community. It’s my turn now to me-too the announcement of the Adriatics Dynamics Community. Three community announcements in a day—now that’s something!

I call this community Adriatics, because it won’t be limited only to Croatia—the idea is to spread it to other neighboring countries: Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia. We kick it off in Zagreb on October 4th, with the theme of upcoming localization of NAV 2009 SP1 and Sure Step 2010.

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IT Knowledge Exchange


Blogs are a great thing. They allow people to share their own knowledge, experience, thoughts, ideas. But communities are the real thing, they allow many people do the same at once, expanding the sharing into exchanging knowledge, experience, thoughts, ideas, advice, you name it.

One of the best IT communities out there is IT Knowledge Exchange. In their own words, “IT Knowledge Exchange was created to allow IT pros to ask questions, get answers, collaborate and exchange knowledge with their peers. Whether you are looking for an answer to an IT problem that has got you stuck or feel like helping your peers by answering their questions, IT Knowledge Exchange allows you to easily find the answer you are looking for.”

No matter which technology is your favorite, you are going to find a lot of interesting stuff on that site and I am strongly encouraging you to go and check it out.

I am also very proud to announce that NavigateIntoSuccess.com is now starting a partnership with IT Knowledge Exchange and joining a long family of IT blogs featured on their website.