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NAV 2013 beta mini-launch at Adriatics Community

Microsoft Comomunity CroatiaIf you want to learn more about the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, and you are from Zagreb, or don’t mind coming to it, the next community event of Microsoft Dynamics Community Adriatics will be fully dedicated to NAV 2013.

There are going to be two presentations. In the first one on the topic of “What’s new in application functionality”, hosted by Ivan Koletić, a member of Microsoft Dynamics NAV product team, who will give an overview of new application features in NAV 2013, and by now you should already know there are plenty.

The second presentation will be about “What’s new in technology”, and will be hosted by me. I won’t be doing any deep-dive this time, and I’ll provide a cloud-perspective overview of a myriad of architecture changes and technology improvements in NAV 2013.

Both of these presentations are merely going to be an introduction in the series of the presentations that will follow over the next several community events. It’s going to be an exciting summer and fall.

If you would like to attend, then please register your attendance (for free, of course) at the event homepage. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Extending NAV through .NET Interoperability

imageYesterday I’ve presented in Dynamics Brown Bag Sessions series of webcasts, organized by Microsoft CEE. The topic this time was “Extending NAV through .NET interoperability”, and the session was again attended by many partner companies around the region.

For your convenience, if you haven’t been able to attend the presentation, the whole session has been recorded (it lasts just under 2 hours), and I’ve uploaded it here. You can access the session recording (RAR compressed), and the presentation deck.

As promised, I’m also providing the full source code and setup instructions for the .NET interop demo of intercompany postings, and you can download it here.

For those of you who didn’t have a chance to attend the presentation, the intercompany posting demo is a nice walkthrough of how to consume NAV web services through .NET interop. The demo shows how to call NAV web service to populate a lookup page with data from another database, and how to create and post documents in another database.

I would also like to say a big thank you again to Almut Tadsen, Microsoft Dynamics Evangelist at Microsoft and the organizer of the Brown Bag Session series for giving me this opportunity. I’m looking forward to participating in this initiative again.

If you were there yesterday or have downloaded and watched the webcast offline, why don’t you spare a minute of your time to leave a comment. Did you like the presentation? Was it helpful? Let us all know…

Mark Brummel visits Microsoft Dynamics Community Adriatics

imageYesterday we had 5th meeting of Microsoft Dynamics Community Adriatics, and it was really special in two ways. For the first time we have had an international guest-presenter, and it was Mark Brummel, who I believe doesn’t require more of a special introduction here on this blog than he required yesterday at the community event.

Still, for those who don’t know him (yet), Mark is the author of a great NAV book, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Application Design, an active blogger, and also one of the few MVPs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Mark talked yesterday about tips & tricks of NAV 2009 RTC, and even though it was the least favorable time to do a community event (right after Easter holidays, when most of Croatian people are still struggling with the idea of going back to office and doing some actual work), there were participants from almost all Croatian partner companies (and one from Slovenia, which is another specialty of yesterday’s event – we actually justified the title “Adriatics”).

Mark talked for over an hour, and people were not tired, and even though pizza was getting cold, people were still interested in listening to Mark, asking questions and participating in the discussion.

But that’s not it. Right now, as I am writing this blog, Mark is delivering a three-hour workshop about upgrading forms and classic reports to pages and RDLC reports, to a roomful of developers.

Mark, thanks a million for accepting our invitation, and for giving us two days of your valuable time! Your contribution to the community, not only here in Croatia, or Adriatics region (to be fair to Matej, who came from Slovenia), but also to the community in general, is simply huge. Dank je wel!

Connecting to NAV through Web services recorded session

recordingToday I’ve delivered the brown bag session Connecting to NAV through Web services as a part of Microsoft’s “Dynamics Brown Bag Sessions” initiative for Central and Eastern Europe. The session was attended by a great number of partners from the region, and I say a big THANK YOU to everyone attending. I hope it was worth your time.

For any of you who did not have a chance to attend it live, or were not invited to it for whatever reason, you can watch the recorded session, download the presentation, and download the demo Visual Studio projects showing NAV Web services basics.

I would also like to thank to Almut Tadsen, Microsoft Dynamics Evangelist at Microsoft and the organizer of the Brown Bag Session series for giving me this opportunity. I’m looking forward to participating in this initiative again.

If you were there today, I would appreciate if you could take a minute and leave a comment here, letting me (and everyone else) if this was a time well invested for you. Thanks!

Brown bag session: Connecting to NAV through Web services

Microsoft’s DPE team in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has started organizing a so called brown bag sessions for NAV developers, as a part of developing a Microsoft Dynamics Community in the region. As a part of this initiative, I will deliver a brown bag session tomorrow at 9:30 AM (CET) titled “Connecting to NAV through Web services”.

Sessions are delivered through Live Meeting and are by-invitation only, so if you want to participate you must be an employee of a Microsoft partner company in CEE region. If you haven’t got an invitation, and you are entitled to participate, please contact your local Dynamics lead at Microsoft (or Partner Account Manager) and ask them to send you the link.

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