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Two more Microsoft Dynamics NAV books

twomorebooksAs reported by Marq, two more Microsoft Dynamics NAV books have been published by PACKT this week: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 Programming Cookbook by Matt Traxinger and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Administration by Amit Sachdev and Sharan Oberoi. With Vincent’s and Chandru’s Sure Step book announced yesterday, this makes for three Microsoft Dynamics books in a single week. Three books a week, not a bad score. Congratulations guys!

I’m now going to pre-order my copies, and you should do the same. As Marq says, buy the books, enjoy the knowledge!

Last week, there were three Dynamics communities announced. This week, three books are announced. Do you see a trend here, or is it only me? What’s going to happen next week? I don’t even dare thinking…

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2010: RAW

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2010: RAWI woke up this morning with a fantastic news in my mailbox: Chandru’s and Vincent’s upcoming book Microsoft Dynamics NAV Sure Step 2010 is already available at PACKT Publishing’s web site in a format I wasn’t even aware it existed: RAW (Read As we Write). The book isn’t finished yet, but you can already purchase the e-book with those chapters that have been completed.

I was aware of this book being in development, but had to stay quiet, and I was really looking forward to announcing it here. I am only sorry I couldn’t do it immediately this morning.

With so much interest in Sure Step lately, I can’t imagine a better time for this book to be written. Book authors are Chandru Shankar, a member of the Sure Step team and one of the people who are authoring and managing the development of Sure Step, and Vincent Bellefroid, an expert in Sure Step and a member of the extended Sure Step team, who has also participated in development of many Sure Step training and readiness materials, train-the-trainer program, and one of the leading providers of Sure Step trainings in Europe. It can’t get any better than this, and this book is worth your investment.

Chandru and Vincent – congratulations! This is a fantastic addition to the world of Sure Step. And Thank You in the name of all of us working with and using the methodology!

Sure Step 2010

One of the drawbacks of being a freelancer is a slight risk to learn a bit late about anything new. Once upon a time, when I was still blogging actively, I made sure I was the first to blog about something new, as long as it relates to Sure Step. This time, the news came to me through two channels: through Microsoft Dynamics UK Blog and through Chandru Shankar’s post in SureStep PM Methodology group on LinkedIn.

So, I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, I’m just reposting the content from these two sources, but I’ll not miss to say that I am totally thrilled with this new release, and the new stuff it brings along.

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