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Look and feel update

I decided to upgrade the look and feel of this blog, so I start with the new header picture. I am not a designer, and I don’t have a clue about why graphics are good or bad, I just have a gut feeling which tells me what is nice, and what is not. This one looks nicer to me, and leaves some room at the bottom to implement page navigation later on. If you think the old one was better, please let me know, I value your opinion as much as my own 🙂

This is just a first step in facelifting this blog with new look and feel, new navigation, new information, etc. As most of other things here, neither will this come all at once, but please be patient, and stop by frequently.

And last but not least, thank you all for making this blog alive, for reading it, commenting on it, giving suggestions and opinions. I’ve never thought this blog would live long enough to see this kind of traffic and interest, so this blog is what it is as much because of you, as it is because of me!

Users never mess with the system

I’m still in Vegas, and this city is crazy. But it’s funny, us people in IT have a thing or two to learn from these people in gambling business. We have all been hearing from our customers how they want their systems reliable, available, and so. Well, what I’ve been seeing here for the past two days is a highly-available 24/7 service with full redundancy and failover clustering all in place. There are roulette and blackjack tables and slot machines in every free square foot, so it’s pretty darn scalable, too. There is zero downtime, entertainment never stops, and that’s pretty much the reason I write this post now, instead of sleeping. I almost feel the music is louder by the minute, probably proportionally so to how sleepy I am. I’m too old for this sh*t.

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Alive and kicking

Whoa, this has been a looooong pause. If you come across some presentation, rhetoric or speach theory, most of them agree on an idea that it’s not the words that make a speach a of art, but the pauses. If the same applies to blogging, I must be quite an artist.

Last time I was here, sometime during the previous geologic era, I said that not much is going to change with this blog. How young and stupid must I have been to say such a thing, because since then everything changed. For starters, I stopped blogging. Not a big deal, if you take into account the number of people hanging around over here. But here’s the real catch and the true change to this blog. The number of people reading it increased at an infinite rate: from zero, to one. It took me almost two months to notice it, allright, but nevertheless, I hope I am not going to turn this single reader down.

 That’s it, this was just a short note, before I get to writing the next post. A real one. Just about now.