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A quick upgrade tip

When testing the upgrade process, it’s a good idea to make a backup after every significant step, such as after importing Step 1 upgrade objects, after completing Step 1, after converting the database, and so on. This way you can always resume from the last meaningful point and save a lot of time, as compared to always running the whole process from the beginning.

Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey 2010

imageNigel Frank International, a UK based niche recruitment agency specializing in ERP/CRM staffing, has just launched the new Salary Survey 2010. Their Salary Survey of 2009 was a very successful initiative, with more than 7000 responses.

The survey focuses on Microsoft Dynamics professionals from all over the world and benchmarks current trends in Microsoft Dynamics job market.

The survey is fairly short and will only take a couple of minutes to respond. Every participant will receive a free copy of Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey 2010 Report (worth $350 in value) and whoever responds by September 17 automatically enters a prize draw to win an Apple iPad 64GB. Cool folks there at Nigel Frank.

To respond to the survey, please follow this link: Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey 2010. – Unsafe?

So, if my MVP award wasn’t a prank even though it came on April 1st, I’ve just been struck by a possible bad-taste prank which is a couple of days overdue. I’ve just tried to reply to couple of comments posted here, and Internet Explorer just threw a red-background error page in my face telling me that has been reported as unsafe. Reported? By whom?

I really don’t know who or why would report my site to Microsoft as unsafe, but I do know what the consequences can be for me: loss of traffic, and loss of reputation. Nice try, whoever did this—because I assure you – IS safe.

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