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By popular demand: The Muppet Show theme

NAV TechDays keeps getting better and better and better every year. So this year, my bro Waldo and I had to prepare a few special surprises in stock for you. And following all the buzz this has generated on Twitter and in the conference app was just amazing, and now we have to think of what can we do the next year to top this one. But let’s keep the next year to the next year, let me do something that a lot of you asked about: The Muppet Show “theme” for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.

In short, this thing:

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NAV TechDays 2018 – Evolution of a titan: a look at the development of NAV from an MVP angle

In 3 days, it’s game-time again.  THE best DEV conference for Business Central will take place in Antwerp: NAV TechDays – and I’m honoured to be a part of it again.  But this year – it’s quite different, because I signed up for a challenge.  This year, I’ll be joining Waldo on stage for a very special session:

Evolution of a titan: a look at the development of NAV from an MVP angle

If you think this would be a boring look back at the stuff from the past that you can read about on wikipedia – you would be badly mistaken.  Here is the link to wikipedia, because you won’t get that from our session.

We are not there to talk about the past.  We are there to talk about what challenges – no, opportunities – are ahead, and how we as developers can act upon these challenges.  We will talk about (what we think as) the most important parts of the technology stack that has touch points with NAV (sorry, “Business Central”), and what impact it has on the future perspective.

And – Waldo wouldn’t do a session without killer demos (that’s why he asked me to join .. ).  Prepare yourself for no less then 45 minutes of no-nonsense-cutting-edge-demos that will blow your socks off (bring an extra pair, just in case!).

I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited to do this session together with Waldo – if you have seen any of his sessions, you know it will be totally worth your time!

See you there on Thursday at 4pm!

Webinar: Invoking Azure Functions from AL in Visual Studio Code

Long time, no see, eh? Life and work sometimes kick in and that’s exactly what they did to me recently. I am not complaining, but I would have been happier, too, if I had been more active here.

Now that I am, in fact, here, let me announce the Invoking Azure Functions from AL in Visual Studio Code webinar that I will deliver next Tuesday, August 29, at 16:00, Central European Time.

This webinar, which is organized in cooperation with NAV-Skills, will cover the theory I scratched in my last blog post here, but will cover some more stuff. On top of a little more substance and structure than covered in my blog, it will also give you an opportunity to ask questions and make fun of me in front of an audience. Last opportunity for this before Directions US Smile

So, grab your seat by registering here. It’s free, but even if it wasn’t, you should still be there. Don’t let me find you absent, you are not excused! Smile

See you in the cloud!

Long time, no see

Time flies, eh? It seems you folks have been busier here on my blog than I was. Four months whooshed by since I last posted something here, and I have been so busy that it seems like a week.

Today I decided to use my last hours in Phoenix, Arizona, after a successful Directions US and before my flight back home to Croatia, to post my impressions of the conference together with the content from my session, but then I realized I had quite some work to do to approve and reply on comments.

So, that’s what I am up to now. Thank you all who commented and patiently waited for me to turn up here to do what bloggers should do regularly. I am sorry, I’ll try to not make it happen again.

And then, when I am done, I’ll post the stuff I promised to post, so – stay tuned.

Comparing .NET values

When comparing .NET variables, including Enums, you cannot use C/AL comparison operators. To compare .NET variables, you must use the Equals method (of the System.Object type) that all .NET types implement or inherit. So, instead of IF var1 = var2, or IF var1 = var1.EnumValue (in case of an Enum), just write IF var1.Equals(var2), or IF var1.Equals(var1.EnumValue).

I see this mistake often being made or attempted by developers, even though it has been documented inside .NET Interoperability documentation since it was introduced with 2009 R2.