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NAV TechDays 2019 Goodies

NAV TechDays is simply the best NAV / Business Central conference there is. I can miss Directions, I can miss other events, but NAV TechDays – no way. There are few events which can match that energy, that community spirit, that enthusiasm, that top-notch deep-dive content. No, there are not few that can match it; there are none that can.

And then when you consider that they manage to attract ever more people to it, all that while publishing all conference content less than a week after conference is over – it just proves to you that the value of NAV TechDays is not in its content or its sessions. Being a part of NAV TechDays has always been an honor, and a pride, and a privilege.

No matter if you were there last week or not, you’ll want to access the conference materials, so here are the links:

Since this is my blog, I’ll also link directly to my Day 1 session about control add-ins development:

I’ll post the direct link to Waldo’s and mine Day 2 session about APIs as soon as it is available.

Day 2 content is now also available, so here’s the link to Waldo’s and my session about Business Central custom APIs, {ConnectApps}²:

Enjoy the content – and see you again next year in Antwerp!

ERP will make my problems go away!

Some say that ERP will solve all your problems. A deus-ex-machina which takes you to the promised land and brings you years of prosperity and bliss. Reduced operating costs and administrative overhead, improved inventory, higher customer retention, better profitability. It will streamline, improve, integrate, leverage, increase all your good things, and reduce, decrease, eliminate all your bad things.

You don’t buy it, do you?

ERP may help you solve your problems. Eventually.

First thing it will do, though, is—expose them. The question is… are you ready to face them?

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Cookbook user experience, anyone?

image I’ll never forget my first NAV project. I was helping a customer migrate data from their old COBOL-based application, and was spending most of my time with a mid-aged lady who at first fascinated me with her mastery of their old application.

That was until I found out she actually had no clue whatsoever about what she was really doing.

What I perceived as her masterful dexterity with a character-based user interface of a DOS application, in fact was total cluelessness about both her business and her software.

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