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Microsoft MVP Award

NO! That's not me in the picture! I wasn’t sure at first if it was an April Fools’ day prank, but earlier this evening I’ve got an e-mail from Microsoft congratulating me on my MVP Award. Not that it just fell from the sky—I had been contacted by the nomination team and I knew it might be coming. But still, it’s April the 1st, and the E-mail was sitting in my Junk E-Mail folder, and I was *THIS* close to releasing my finger from the left mouse button over the Empty “Junk E-Mail” Folder option, when I just noticed in a flash the subject of one of the messages. Uh-uh! That ain’t no junk. Phew!

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My new career path – independent consultant

It’s official now, and it’s time I announce it here: after two years at Microsoft I’ve decided to take the helm of my career and venture into the realm of independent consulting. Two days into it, and all I can say about it is: what have I been waiting for this long?

While at Microsoft, I had a chance to work on some very exciting projects, I was sitting at the source of information, and the thrill of being able to know about all the news and developments before anyone else is priceless.

But the thrill of being able to work on my own, to pick my own projects, to take on completely new challenges, was even more priceless.

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Follow me on

Someone has tweeted about my blog yesterday. Was that you?

Seeing in a list of websites sending traffic my way pumped a dose of adrenaline up my arteries: if you find this blog worth tweeting about, then it must be… well, worth tweeting about. Thanks!

The ultimate effect is this: I opened a Twitter account. That’s something that I have planned for a few months, but never thought I had time for it. How young and foolish I have been! It took me about 47 seconds to both open the account and tweet a Hello World of a sort.

I look forward to seeing you on Twitter. If it’s likewise, follow me on

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

Where I have been for the past eight months…

image This blog started enthusiastically, I had as many as 14 posts per month. Taking into account that blogging was only a hobby, I blogged like crazy. Then I went silent.

No, I wasn’t tired from blogging, I didn’t experience a writer’s block, quite the contrary! I was working on a project. A top secret one. Now it has been done, and here are the results:  a book called Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.

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Much ado about nothing

There is really nothing special with this post. I just wanted to let you know that I updated my About page, and I added some more information to the sidebar to the right. Nothing spectacular, but I hope all of this would both help you know me better, and also help you get in touch with me otherwise than posting comments here.

While I must admit I seem somewhat lazy lately, with no relevant posts whatsoever, there is some real stuff coming soon. For now, I’m finished with face-lifting, and nothing serious is going to happen to this blog from presentation perspective, at least not until I move it to its own domain, which is something I plan to do soon. See you later!