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Why doesn’t my filter work?

Today I got a comment from another soul out there, spending their time blogging about Microsoft Dynamics NAV. I’ve immediately put the link to my blogroll, and it really deserves it, because it is the best blog on the topic I’ve seen so far.

Few days back, on that blog, there was a post about setting filters, which didn’t work as expected, and you had to write a wordy workaround for a thing that should work as expected, but surprisingly it doesn’t.

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Silent Abort

There is only one way to abort a user action in Microsoft Dynamics NAV: by using the ERROR function. This function essentially stops the execution of all code, and prevents completion of the user action, whatever such action might be.

One of typical situations where ERROR is used to prevent user action is during validation of a new value in a field. A typical concrete example of this behavior is entering the Customer No. value in the Sell-to Customer No. field on the sales order form. When users enters a value, the system goes through a series of checks, called validation, which in the end may result in the system rejecting this value. Obviously, the only way for the system to reject a value entered by the user is, yes you’ve got it, by calling the ERROR function, which returns the system to the last committed state before the error.

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Alive and kicking

Whoa, this has been a looooong pause. If you come across some presentation, rhetoric or speach theory, most of them agree on an idea that it’s not the words that make a speach a of art, but the pauses. If the same applies to blogging, I must be quite an artist.

Last time I was here, sometime during the previous geologic era, I said that not much is going to change with this blog. How young and stupid must I have been to say such a thing, because since then everything changed. For starters, I stopped blogging. Not a big deal, if you take into account the number of people hanging around over here. But here’s the real catch and the true change to this blog. The number of people reading it increased at an infinite rate: from zero, to one. It took me almost two months to notice it, allright, but nevertheless, I hope I am not going to turn this single reader down.

 That’s it, this was just a short note, before I get to writing the next post. A real one. Just about now.


Technically it was yesterday, September 1st, but in practice it will be tomorrow, September 3rd, because it is a Monday. Tomorrow I start at my new position at a new company. The position is Consultant, and company is Microsoft. Quite a change for me.

This change was pending for a while, and tomorrow it comes to completion. I was never this excited about a new job, and this is my fifth new job in my career. And I never felt this much responsibility. And this much challenge.

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