Two years of Navigate Into Success

imageCan you believe it? I can’t. Almost. Two years ago I started this blog as a hobby, and I myself didn’t believe it would work out. It was months before the first reader appeared, but then it kind of just happened. Blogging was fun. It was tough. It was thought provoking for myself, because as I blogged I often found myself change my mind about stuff, and adopt new ideas or abandon old ones more quickly then I normally would.

I started this year rather ambitiously: with a commitment to blog twice a week. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find out I haven’t been quite committed to that in the past two weeks. As a matter of fact, for the time being I’ll have to take it a little bit more easy. My work schedule has stopped being my friend a while ago, and I decided I’d put my private life before this blog. I hope you don’t mind.

I won’t stop blogging, and I’d appreciate if you didn’t stop coming back from time to time to check out what’s new. It’s just that I’ll have to rollback my commitment from the beginning of this year, and fallback to my previous irregular blogging schedule. Work and private life permitting, there will be something useful here, probably twice a month, possibly more, and I’m really glad you are now tapping my shoulder saying: “don’t worry pal, I understand!”

See you around, let’s navigate together into another two years of this blog.

Contingency or re-baselining, what’s the difference?

I’ve seen a few projects where customers said they didn’t need contingency, because they decided to adjust the budget as changes happen.

How does this sound to you?

To me, this sounds pretty bad, because there is an important distinction between adjusting the budget based on change requests and consuming the contingency reserve.

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IT Knowledge Exchange


Blogs are a great thing. They allow people to share their own knowledge, experience, thoughts, ideas. But communities are the real thing, they allow many people do the same at once, expanding the sharing into exchanging knowledge, experience, thoughts, ideas, advice, you name it.

One of the best IT communities out there is IT Knowledge Exchange. In their own words, “IT Knowledge Exchange was created to allow IT pros to ask questions, get answers, collaborate and exchange knowledge with their peers. Whether you are looking for an answer to an IT problem that has got you stuck or feel like helping your peers by answering their questions, IT Knowledge Exchange allows you to easily find the answer you are looking for.”

No matter which technology is your favorite, you are going to find a lot of interesting stuff on that site and I am strongly encouraging you to go and check it out.

I am also very proud to announce that is now starting a partnership with IT Knowledge Exchange and joining a long family of IT blogs featured on their website.

NAV blogosphere in April

April. There is definitely something upside down with this month. I’ve started it with a somewhat ambitious decision to blog a post a day. And it worked. Kind of. For the first eight days, anyway.

And then it happened. Suddenly I’ve found myself blogging only occasionally, practically chasing my promise to deliver a blog post twice a week. And boy did it feel like delivery, every single time. At first I thought it was about me, but it seems it wasn’t. All of NAV blogosphere was dormant in April.

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My book featured on

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 by David Roys and Vjekoslav Babić (opens in a new window) has just posted an excerpt from my friend Dave’s and my book Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, delivering some content from chapter 4, focusing on the implementation process. The Chapter 4 draws a lot of its content from Sure Step best practices, and the fact that has decided to post this content on their website shows how important a standard methodology is for a successful implementation project.

This excerpt is only the first part of a series of two articles, and the next one is due to follow soon. I’ll make sure to let you know about it.

Anyway, the book so far has been received pretty well, we’ve got a lot of good feedback, and sales rank consistently shows the audience likes it a lot. Have you got yourself a copy already?